Gridbow Australia


Gridbow Electrical Power Solutions provides industry-leading high voltage plant and protection scheme testing, commissioning, and maintenance services.

Furthermore, Gridbow Electrical Power Solutions is Australian owned, operated, and headquartered in Perth, Western Australia. Apart from this, Gridbow Electrical Power Solutions offers on-site testing services adhering to industry best practices and the highest of standards for high voltage electrical installation testing. In addition, Gridbow Electrical Power Solutions can provide your business with qualified professionals with in depth expertise in the various industries we serve. Consequently, that will ensure all facets of your Projects are managed to ensure the best possible outcome for your business. Furthermore, Gridbow Electrical Power Solutions also provides consulting services in relation to protection system design, protection scheme evaluation and protection relay evaluation across a multi‐vendor range of products.


Above all, whether you require a single tradesperson or a complete project team, Gridbow Electrical Power Solutions will supply a range of safety and service orientated professionals with specialist industry expertise. For instance, we have competent staff available to hire or to complement existing project work, we can provide a range of skilled labour at competitive rates. In addition to this, we have built a network of experienced resources that can assist in the following positions:

  • Engineers.
  • Site supervisors.
  • High voltage cable jointers
  • Electrical tradesmen
  • Commissioning technicians.

As well as that, Gridbow Electrical Power Solutions have a team of highly trained HV cable jointer(s) and HV commissioning technicians. In addition, the HV cable jointers have national accreditation and are highly experienced up to and including 33Kv. Furthermore, the HV commissioning technicians are well-equipped and experienced in all facets of cable fault location and HV protection systems. Last but not least, the teams’ skills and services offered are in the following areas:

  • We offer commissioning and testing of a wide range of protection relays from the old induction disc type relays to the modern multi-function electronic relays of today.
  • High Voltage termination up to including 33Kv
  • Underground joints up to including 33Kv
  • Aerial cabling and terminations up to and including 33Kv
  • Performing HV switching operations
  • Cable identification and spiking
  • Testing of HV cables, VLF testing
  • High pot and Ductor testing of HV equipment
  • Transformer testing and commissioning, IR testing, oil sampling, protection instruments, turn ratio testing and tap changes
  • Protection relay’s, commissioning, testing and upgrading.
  • HV Protection relay Studies


Our motto at Gridbow is “always reliable”. Thus, we love what we do and have a passion for it. Hence, we will always ensure that we act with honesty and integrity in all our work. Furthermore, we do not cut corners and have a proud track record in delivering quality work.

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