Who We Are

About GridBow Australia

We are an Award-Winning Electrical Infrastructure, Civil Engineering, Consulting, Maintenance and General Services Contracting Company. Since its formation, Gridbow has been at the forefront of providing Quality Services to all its esteemed clients which include Eskom, Anglo American, Randwater and ABB. Gridbow currently has a footprint in South Africa, Zambia, Australia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and Swaziland.

Gridbow can deliver on projects across borders with the same level of professionalism that our clients have become accustomed to. As part of the Prestigious Worley-Parsons Enterprise Development Programme, Gridbow benefited immensely from an Industry leader with a footprint all over the World.

We put safety first!

This means that we as a company will always put safety first in all our operations. This implies that “no urgency of work shall ever result in us compromising on the safety of our people”

We are ethical!

We do not participate in any unethical practices and always conduct our business transparently and ethically. We are always at the forefront at empowering the communities that we work with and make sure that we set aside a budget to empower the communities around where we are working. Empowerment ranges from employment creation, paying tuition for underprivileged kids, supporting community initiatives and creating internship opportunities.

Continuously Improving Our Service

As a vibrant and growing organisation, it is important to keep track of what our clients think about our service offering. At Gridbow we are constantly engaging with our clients to see if they are completely satisfied with our service. We make use of customer feedback channels like the customer satisfaction survey to see if our service met the client’s expectations.

Exceeding Clients' Expectations All The Time

It is in our interest to always find innovative ways to keep our clients happy. Hence the Gridbow Service Offering involves us always making contact with the clients’ agents on the ground. We believe by making our client be our partner, we will get a more honest assessment of how the particular job or project is progressing.

Honesty, Reliability & Integrity

Our motto at Gridbow is “ALWAYS RELIABLE”. We love what we do and have a passion for it hence we will always ensure that we act with Honesty and Integrity in all our work. We do not cut corners and have a proud track record in delivering quality work.


This means that we do not try to shift the blame in the event of a mistake/mishap or non-conformance. At Gridbow, we take responsibility and this helps us to draw lessons from the challenge and prevents it from ever happening again.

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