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Protection Relay Testing

Protection Relay Testing

Modern relays are, more often than not, micro-processor based with analogue signals mimicking primary values being converted into digital signals for processing. Hardwired and digital input signals are also processed to logically control the overall operation of the network.

IEC61850 is fast becoming the protocol in which data and messages are transmitted around the network to enable even closer and more logical discrimination times. These IED’s (Intelligent Electronic Device) is the ‘smart’ relays of today’s protection systems.

Communicating with these relays has become an important part of any commissioning and maintenance programs. Our technicians are constantly upgrading their software tools and being trained in the skills to diagnose issues within the systems.

Writing detailed Test Plans to simulate the different functions of the relays is now considered ‘the norm’ for both operation and repeatability for future testing of the same device.

Secondary Injection simulates conditions that require an action from the relay which could be a trip of the immediate Circuit Breaker or a logic output for further action somewhere else in the network. Accurate timing is essential for the correct operation and GRIDBOW ELECTRICAL uses the latest secondary injection equipment to accurately verify these times.

Test reports are filed in a logical structure to enable easy access for immediate or future comparisons to fit into any asset management tool.

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